Do you enjoy business by referral? BNI Overland Park 10 is expanding membership.

Business Network International, BNI, Overland Park Chapter 10 is expanding and interviewing potential new members. BNI is one person per profession networking group. So once a profession is represented your competitor may not join. Business Network International is a business and professional networking organization whose primary purpose is to exchange qualified business referrals. BNI is the largest networking organization of it’s kind with 4,600 chapters worldwide. 
BNI Overland Park 10 meets weekly on Thursday Mornings at 7:30am to 9:00am at the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center, 11902 Lowell (just west of 119th and Metcalf) Dress is business casual. Call Ken Jansen at 913-825-4014 or email to


  1. I am a Certified Moving Consultant/Sales Representative for Colaman American – Allied Van Lines. I have been involved in this networking group for over 5 years and have seen significant results! I have received referrals over the years which represent thousands of dollars of business for my company. Plus, it is a great benefit being a resourse to my clients for top quality people and businesses who can serve them. The ‘Givers Gain’ philosophy and structure is what makes this networking group so powerful. Best Regards, Bob Benson

  2. overlandparkrealestate

    Bob Benson has been a great service to many of my clients and I am very happy to be a part of the BNI team with him.

  3. I am an independent insurance agent that has been involved in BNI for over 5 years! The referrals I have received from this group account for nearly 40% of my total production! Another major factor is the confidence I have in the professionals in our group! When I refer a client of mine to an individual in our networking group I know they will be taken care of. The first thing I mark on the calendar each month is BNI THURSDAY MORNING 7:30 TO 9:00AM!
    Best Regards, Jeff Hartman

  4. I have been a member of BNI OP 10 for almost a year now. BNI is an outstanding resource for me to provide high quality referalls to my Real Estate Clients. Bob Benson has moved several of my clients and Jeff Hartman of has taken over my personal insurance, giving me better coverage for less money. Gotta love it!

    Ken Jansen REALTOR Overland Park
    BNI Overland Park Chapter 10

  5. I have been a member of BNI OP 10 for 6 months now and I have to tell you, it was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. My first week as a BNI member I received 6 referrals! Word-of- Mouth is a very powerful marketing tool and we all use it almost daily. The members of BNI are very motivating and eager to help.

  6. I have been a member of this group for 5+ years. The discipline, professionalism and loyalty within the group is absolutely awesome. Apart from serving as ambassadors for each other we take pride in the quality of products and service offered and hold them to VERY high standards. You cannot go wrong referring any business in this group.

  7. Barry Kaplan

    I own an independent health and life insurance agency and I’m BNI OP 10’s longest standing member. I’ve been here this long for a reason – because BNI WORKS. I’ve been in many networking groups over the years, several of which didn’t last very long and none of them comes close when it comes to what we go to networking groups for in the first place, which is to get business. When everyone contributes, everyone gets business.

    Barry Kaplan
    Alliance Insurance Group – (913)385-SAVE

  8. Linda Childress

    I have been a member of BNI OP 10 for about 9 months. I have found that BNI is a great way to grow your business. The other members that I have met with in BNI are all there for the same reason, to help others. We have a great chapter with great people.

  9. I love BNI! I have been a member for over 5 years and the business referrals as well as the the close nit group makes you feel like “It’s truly doing business with friends.” Everyone wants to help the other members succeed and we love to hear of the success stories for the members.

    Look into BNI it’s worth the effort, because you make an effort too.

    Great chapter

  10. We believe in BNI. It is by far the best networking model we have been a part of. This is our 4th year in OP 10! We are still earning business from referrals that we received in our first year. We believe that is due the fact that you build strong realtionships meeting each week. You have the opportunity to learn many different aspects of your fellow member’s business. This is the one networking membership that we do not even question when it is time for renewal. BNI works!!!

  11. I have a Fast-teks On Site Computer Repair Business that we opened in March and I’m interested in joining this group. Do you have an Information Technology/On Site Computer Repair member yet?

    Regards, Curt Carver
    President Fast teks of Johnson County.

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