Too much competition in your referral group? Take a look at BNI Overland Park 10

Are you tired of being one of fourteen sign vendors at a referral group meeting? Or one of ten printers? Business Network International, BNI, Overland Park Chapter 10 has the solution. BNI only allows one member from each profession into each chapter. Lock out your competition by joining a BNI Chapter, such as Overland Park 10.

Everyone has played the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, the game where you try to link one movie star to another movie star within six relationships or less. The same game applies in business. If you want to know who is the head of HR at ACME Dynamite company and how to get an introduction, wouldn’t it be great to have a forum to ask? Not only is it ok, but it is expected that you are looking for those kind of introductions.

If everyone knows 200-500 people, imagine the possibilities of joining an organized referral group where business leaders proactively promote each other’s businesses to their sphere. Picture the range of influence of a large group of allies who each know 200 to 500 people and who are on your side.

Overland Park BNI Chapter 10 is actively expanding and interviewing potential new members. 

BNI Overland Park 10 meets weekly on Thursday Mornings at 7:30am to 9:00am at the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center, 11902 Lowell (just west of 119th and Metcalf) Dress is business casual. Call Ken Jansen at  913-908-2215  or email to

(the real estate spot is filled)


  1. BNI OP 10 has passed over 6,000!!! referrals between its members.

  2. Apart form generating leads, we have found BNI to be an effective way to create ambassadors for our business. These ambassadors will create the goodwill that every business needs to make an effective sale. Again the mantra is simple: GIVERS GAIN

  3. You can’t find a more focused way to network. I have seen far better results from BNI than I have attending chamber functions. It’s like having 15 sales people working for me!

  4. Jeff Serven

    BNI has proved over and over again as a solid referral network. The adage ‘you get what you give’ proves true in our group. With the business generated nearing over $100,000 in 2008 between our members it is an excellent source of new and repeat business.

  5. I have reached out to so many people thanks to the support of fellow chapter members. Alone we cannot do it…together we can!

  6. Linda Childress

    It’s amazing to see the dedication of all the members striving to one common goal, “giver’s gain”…the more you give the more you will receive. I have received many referrals from the group that have turned into some of my largest clients.

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