Do you enjoy calling Complete Strangers? If not, consider the power of business by referral with BNI :: Business Networking International

Some folks enjoy cold calls. Some folks don’t. If the idea of calling or calling on someone you don’t know is uncomfortable you might want to consider doing business by referral. Placing a call to someone who has been introduced to you and your service or product by a friend or associate is often the most productive use of your time since the recipient of the call is more receptive to your product, service or ideas.

Joining an organization such as BNI, Business Networking International, gives you access not just to the members, but also to the friends and contacts of those members. You, as a business owner or business representative add value to your friends and associates since you now have a more extensive network of business and service providers which can help them out. When someone asks me about a plumbing problem, I tell them to call Chris Sandmoen with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing . Chris and his associates, who I met through BNI, have successfully performed several plumbing repair jobs on my house and we have extremely pleased with the work and the price. I make an impression on my clients when they are looking for a plumbing expert and I can provide them with one.

If you are interested in doing business by referral, having access to a network of like-minded business professional and enjoying providing your clients with outstanding referrals for business or services they need, please call Ken Jansen at 913-908-2215 to schedule an interview and to discuss whether your business or profession is currently represented in our group. We meet Thursdays from 7:30 a.m to 9:00 am sharp in South Overland Park.


  1. It is a blessing to have experts in the group who can provide guidance when needed.
    Ken Jansen provided our church group with some expert market commentary to help us understand the market better. He did not sell us his services-just provided guidance selflessly! What a great guy!

  2. It’s great to have a network of professionals you can trust, count on, and refer to. I would not refer my friends and family to just anyone, and these people I know I can trust without hesitation.

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